Inès and Romain


Lady’s Tower, Ellie, Fife

An elopement on the seaside, a seal watching and a capricious Scottish wind.

Photo by: Karol Makula

Laure and Grégory


City chambers, Edinburgh

A civil elopement in the capital on Scotland.

Photo by: Karol Makula

Tiphaine and Jimmy


Comrie Croft, Comrie, Perthshire

A ceremony conducted by the friend and family in a barn venue during Autumn.

Photo by: Tony Masclet

Lucie and Patrice


Fairy Glen, Isle of Skye

An elopement in the rainy Isle of Skye.

Photo by: Penny Hardie

Lydie and Frédéric


Bunchrew House, Inverness

A French speaking humanist ceremony in a Scottish house, following by a meal, games and dance with their 35 guests.

Photo by: Andy Taylor

Angélique and Ludovic


The Hermitage, Dunkeld

A French speaking humanist ceremony at Dunkeld, in the heart of the Perthshire with their 3 children.

Photo by: Photographs by Eve