Bilingual Wedding

Are you French but he is Scottish? Or are you both French but you have some French speaking family and you are scared they won’t understand your ceremony and your English speaking friends won’t understand your vows?

I am here to help you!

I am a French native speaker, bilingual in English and French since 5 years. I know that the day of your wedding you want everybody to know how much you love each other and have a wonderful ceremony and banket with all your friends and family. But here is the problem. How can your Scottish best man can understand your vows if you are speaking in French? Or how can you French mother could understand what the celebrant is saying if he is speaking in English?

Here I come!

I can prepare all the texts, the vows and the celebrant ‘s speech and translate them so on the day I can either speak on the microphone the sentences in the opposite language or show a PowerPoint of the translation with a projector during the ceremony (and eventually the reception if a guest has a speech for the bride and the groom), and I will be able to say in both languages the information concerning the progress of the ceremony. I will also provide a translation of the menu and the wedding invitation.

There is no extra fee for this service if you take the full wedding package or the On the day coordinator.
If you request only this service then the cost is £400.

Photo by: Karol Makula  and Tony Masclet